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Do you need help with sound designing? How about tips on making better hardstyle kicks? Are you struggling with writing your music? We have a solution for you:

Bass Brotherz will help you with your music production! We can create special private lessons for you to help you get better as a producer or a dj. Just send us a message and we will make a plan, just for you.

What do you need? If you want a live session, make sure you have a stable internet connection and we will teach you via discord. And what about if I have an unstable internet connection? Then we can create a tutorial video about the lesson and you can watch it offline.

What will I get from this? After your lesson, you get all the materials we did/used on the lesson and you can use that any way you like. For additional small fee we can also make you a special video to recap everything we talked about in the lesson.

So how much does this cost? Private lessons are 50,00€ per hour and if you want a special recap of the lesson, then will be extra 10,00€. The cost includes the time in which we plan your lesson, the live session, all the material we did during the session. We will plan ahead and give you an schedule for the lesson and you can still make changes in to it before we start the session.

If you have anything more to ask about the private lessons, feel free to ask! Also if you want a session with bass brotherz, just contact us from the form down below:



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